Yugo the former god God created the creation. Walking is immovable, tangible, abstract, and living non-living, all the creation of God, the ultimate Father. Satyuga has passed, Treta and Dwapar era have also passed. Kaliyug has just begun, but during this period itself, the concept of Kali Yuga is described in Ved Purana, its reality has been proved to be certified.

In today's highly materialistic era, every human being is engaged in such a race, due to which its religious, human sensitivities and social values are rapidly declining. The human has forgotten that it is the best creation written by God.

In today's modern era, the true Sanatan Dharma is being influenced rapidly. At such a time it is necessary that some institutions should be established to re-establish the religion and to save their culture through which they can be nurtured and the glorious tradition of the past is restored. Keeping this in view, the flag of propagation of the great and glorious and eternal religion spread the flag of Pramukh Murthy's worshiped Lord Swami Laxman Das Maharaj established the "Krishna Grace Mission Charitable Trust".

The headquarters of this tragedy has been established on the banks of Pataat Pavani Mokshadayani Mata Ganga in the holy town of Haridwar Nagar of Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand. This trust is intended to take Sanatan Dharma back to the highest peak. Through this, the devotion of every Hindu god Krishna, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, is being disseminated and circulated through different stories. This trust is endeavoring to raise human sensitivity through satsanga and education. The Gau Seva, the house will be constructed soon for the mother-father service.

With the intention of restoring India's highest position again, education is being done through the trust through poor Pujya Swami ji for the poor and orphan and disabled children. In the short life of five years, Saint Shiromani Swami Lakshman Das Ji Maharaj is being endowed with the great santu, in keeping with the promise of eternal life of Lord Rama and Shri Krishna and the propagation of Sanatan religion. Swamiji's stories have been happening in every area of India and through these stories Swamiji is spreading the propaganda of religion not only, but social work like marriage of poor girls, meritorious student girl students fulfill their needs through trust , Handicrafts and appliances etc. are provided to the people with disabilities.

All of you who believe in all Sanatan Dharma, make this request. Please be pleased to provide your invaluable collaboration with the Trust to re-join the upcoming generation of India, which is getting away from its glorious traditions and religion due to modernity and western culture, which will once again be the year of India's Values can be established in the form of "country of gurus" and "goldfish".



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