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Free religious "Durga" e-cards
Send free religious "Durga" E-greetings. Choose the colors, design and print your personal message on it. Click one of the categories, select a picture, and create your customized e-card. Greet your friends and family through these sacred e-greetings.

Durga E-greetings

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Wallpapers Categories
Hindu Calendar Wallpapers
Guru Virtual E Greeting
Virtual E Greeting
Lord Ganesha (176)
Lord Krishna (163)
Durga Maa (281)
Hanuman Ji(97)
Om (60)
Sai Baba (84)
Shri Rama (61)
Lord Shiva (129)
Lord Vishnu (66)
Sikh (78)
Lord Buddha (79)
Jain (41)
Shani Dev (20)
Temple (48)
Festivals (849)
Hindutva (14)
Religious (13)
Meditation (36)
Other (21)

New Wallpapers
Maa Kushmanda Wallpaper,
Devi Brahmacharini Wallpaper,
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SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend Durga Wallpaper, Orange, Pink and Gray Color
Views:1383starstarstarstarstar Durga Wallpaper, Purple, White and Gray Color
Views:1100starstarstarstarstar Durga Wallpaper, Yeloow, Brown and Red  Color
Views:1334starstarstarstarstar Maa Wallpaper, Pink, White and Yellow Color
Views:545starstarstarstarstar Mata Wallpaper, Blue and  White Color
Views:379starstarstarstarstar Wallpaper, Teal, White and Green Color
Views:447starstarstarstarstar GAURI  Wallpaper, Red, Yellow and White Color
Views:345starstarstarstarstar Sidhartri Wallpaper , Green, Blue and Brown Color
Views:274starstarstarstarstar Durga Wallpaper, White, Pink and Yellow Color
Views:907starstarstarstarstar Durga Wallpaper, Pink, Yellow and Red Color
Views:1039starstarstarstarstar Durga Wallpaper, Pink, Yellow and White Color
Views:774starstarstarstarstar Wallpaper, Blue, Brown and Gray Color
Views:264starstarstarstarstar Wallpaper , Brown, Pink and Black Color
Views:499starstarstarstarstar Wallpaper, Purple, White and Blue Color
Views:391starstarstarstarstar Chandarghanta Wallpaper, Blue, Pink and White Color
Views:273starstarstarstarstar Bhramcharini Wallpaper, Black, White and Blue Color
Views:271starstarstarstarstar Durga Wallpaper, Brown, Gray and Orange Color
Views:675starstarstarstarstar Maa Wallpaper, Yellow, Brown and WHite Color
Views:1023starstarstarstarstar April 2011 Monthly Calendar Wallpaper, Yellow, Pink and Brown Color
Views:272starstarstarstarstar Puja8 wallpaper, yellow, brown and red color
Views:309starstarstarstarstar Puja7 wallpaper, brown, white and blue color
Views:220starstarstarstarstar Puja6 wallpaper, purple, white and blue color
Views:219starstarstarstarstar Puja5 wallpaper, brown, yellow and red color
Views:287starstarstarstarstar Puja 4 wallpaper, yellow,  white and  brown color
Views:410starstarstarstarstar Maa wallpaper, yellow, green and white color
Views:276starstarstarstarstar Maa  wallpaper, yellow, purple and brown color
Views:460starstarstarstarstar Vaishno Devi wallpaper, brown, white and red color
Views:912starstarstarstarstar Puja 3  wallpaper, brown, white and yellow color
Views:650starstarstarstarstar Puja 2 wallpaper, pink, yellow and blue color
Views:372starstarstarstarstar Puja wallpaper, yellow, pink and white color
Views:1621starstarstarstarstar Puja  wallpaper, brown, yellow and red color
Views:889starstarstarstarstar Gayatri wallpaper, white, brown and white color
Views:743starstarstarstarstar Santoshi wallpaper, orange, white and brown color
Views:343starstarstarstarstar Durga wallpaper, yellow , white and brown color
Views:724starstarstarstarstar Laxmi wallpaper,  Yellow, green, and white
Views:721starstarstarstarstar Kali wallpaper, yellow, brown and black color
Views:380starstarstarstarstar Saraswati wallpaper, purple, white and black color
Views:470starstarstarstarstar Durga wallpaper, brown, yellow and red color
Views:659starstarstarstarstar Durga  wallpaper, yellow and orange color
Views:1061starstarstarstarstar Durga wallpaper, gray, green and white color
Views:537starstarstarstarstar Kushmanda wallpaper, blue, teal and black color
Views:459starstarstarstarstar Shailputri Mantra wallpaper, teal, white and brown color
Views:540starstarstarstarstar Chandraghanta wallpaper, white, teal and blue color
Views:537starstarstarstarstar Bhramcharini mantra wallpaper,  blue, white and black color
Views:418starstarstarstarstar SkandMata wallpaper, yellow, purple and blue color
Views:587starstarstarstarstar Siddhartri wallpaper, brown, green and yellow color
Views:243starstarstarstarstar Shailputri wallpaper, green, yellow and white color
Views:696starstarstarstarstar MahaGauri wallpaper, brown, yellow and blue color
Views:470starstarstarstarstar Kushmanda wallpaper, red, yellow and white color
Views:468starstarstarstarstar Katyayani wallpaper, teal, green and yellow color
Views:477starstarstarstarstar Chandraghanta wallpaper, yellow, white and red color
Views:435starstarstarstarstar Bhramcharini wallpaper, red and white color
Views:231starstarstarstarstar wallpaper, pink, white and purple color
Views:345starstarstarstarstar Siddhartri wallpaper , black, blue and purple color
Views:221starstarstarstarstar Siddhartri wallpaper, red, yellow and white color
Views:319starstarstarstarstar Shailputri wallpaper,  red, teal and green color
Views:530starstarstarstarstar MahaGauri wallpaper, blue, black and white color
Views:807starstarstarstarstar MahaGauri wallpaper, green, blue and white color
Views:574starstarstarstarstar Kushmanda wallpaper, blue, white and brown color
Views:649starstarstarstarstar Katyayani wallpaper, yellow, white and blue color
Views:568starstarstarstarstar Kalratri wallpaper, brown, white and blue color
Views:735starstarstarstarstar Chandraghanta wallpaper , brown, white and red color
Views:486starstarstarstarstar Bhramcharini wallpaper, yellow pink and white color
Views:205starstarstarstarstar lakshmi wallpaper, green , white and red color
Views:672starstarstarstarstar kali wallpaper , yellow , green and brown color
Views:1260starstarstarstarstar Maa wallpaper , red , yellow and white color
Views:752starstarstarstarstar santoshi wallpaper, red, orange and green color
Views:590starstarstarstarstar, brown , pink and yellow color
Views:670starstarstarstarstar Mata-chalisa-wallpaper , pink , blue and  white color
Views:1213starstarstarstarstar Mata-chalisa-wallpaper , blue , white and pink color
Views:1254starstarstarstarstar Mata-aarti-wallpaper yellow and white color
Views:1851starstarstarstarstar Mata Iamge, red and green color
Views:360starstarstarstarstar Maa Picture, red color
Views:633starstarstarstarstar Maa Image, Blue and White Color
Views:685starstarstarstarstar Mata Picture, yellow and blue color
Views:477starstarstarstarstar Maa Image, Brown and yellow color
Views:202starstarstarstarstar Mata Wallpaper, Brown color
Views:1378starstarstarstarstar Mata picture, Black and white color
Views:711starstarstarstarstar Mata Blessing picture, white and black color
Views:310starstarstarstarstar Maa picture, yellow and brown color
Views:164starstarstarstarstar Mata picture, Brown color
Views:835starstarstarstarstar Devi images, black and red color
Views:1046starstarstarstarstar Maa images, red and yellow color
Views:795starstarstarstarstar Mata image, gray and yellow color
Views:279starstarstarstarstar mata image, red and brown color
Views:465starstarstarstarstar Durga, Lakshmi mata,and Saraswati mata image, red and orange color
Views:997starstarstarstarstar Mata sitted on lotus picture, orange and white color
Views:971starstarstarstarstar Saraswati image, red, brown and white color
Views:961starstarstarstarstar Saraswati image, red, green and pink color
Views:1259starstarstarstarstar Kaali image, red and black color
Views:639starstarstarstarstar mata image, red and black color
Views:875starstarstarstarstar mata Sitted on swan, red ,white, and black color
Views:857starstarstarstarstar Durga image, red and orange color
Views:786starstarstarstarstar Durga image, green and orange color
Views:1487starstarstarstarstar Mata blessing image, orange and red color
Views:2609starstarstarstarstar Mata picture, brown and orange color
Views:2328starstarstarstarstar Mata image, gray and yellow color
Views:901starstarstarstarstar Durga killing Mahishasur image, red and brown color
Views:3673starstarstarstarstar Mata picture,  brown and red color
Views:1104starstarstarstarstar Durga with her eight goddess, black and orange color
Views:1839starstarstarstarstar Mata image, brown and green color
Views:603starstarstarstarstar Mata with her eight goddess, black and yellow color
Views:774starstarstarstarstar Mata image, brown and orange color
Views:820starstarstarstarstar Lakshmi image, red and orange color
Views:946starstarstarstarstar Lakshmi Temple image, red and brown color
Views:2684starstarstarstarstar Lakshmi Maa
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