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ambedkar jayanti
विक्रम सम्वत् 2073
वैशाख कृ. दशमी
Ambedkar Jayanti
14th April  2016

Ambedkar Jayanti is a festival observed on April 14 every year to commemorate the memory of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. This day is celebrated as birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar who born on this day in the year 1891.It is a public holiday in all of the Indian states.  Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar popularly also known as Babasaheb, was an Indian jurist, political leader, philosopher, anthropologist, historian, orator, economist, teacher, and editor. He was also the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution.therefore he knows as "The Father of the Indian Constitution". His parents belonged to the Mahar Caste, which was considered as " untouchable".He was lucky to get good education in his early childhood as his father was in the British Army.
Ambedkar campaigned against social discrimination, the system of Chaturvarna – the categorization of Hindu society into four varnas – and the Hindu caste system. He converted to Buddhism and is also credited with providing a spark for the transformation of hundreds of thousands of Dalits or untouchables to Theravada Buddhism. Ambedkar was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award, in 1990
Overcoming numerous social and financial obstacles, Ambedkar became one of the first Dalit to obtain a college education in India. Eventually earning law degree and doctorates for his study and research in law, economics and political science from Columbia University and the London School of Economics, Ambedkar gained a reputation as a scholar and practiced law for a few years, later campaigning by publishing journals advocating political rights and social freedom for India's untouchables. He is regarded as a Bodhisattva by some Indian Buddhists, though he never claimed himself to be a Bodhisattva.

He founded the Bahishkrit Hitkaraini Sabha in July 1924 for the welfare of the downtrodden. 
Under Ramsay McDonald's 'Communal Award', a separate electorate was announced for the backward classes. Protesting against this move, Mahatma Gandhi went on a fast-unto-death. He finally managed to convince Dr. Ambedkar to drop his demand. The two prominent leaders reached an understanding on September 24, 1932 which came to be known as the Poona Pact. Dr.Ambedkar was appointed as the Chairman of the drafting committee set up by the Constituent Assembly to draft a constitution for independent India. After India became independent, Dr. Ambedkar became the Union Law Minister. He presented the draft constitution in February 1948 before the people of India 

In October 1956, Dr. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism along with thousands of his followers. This great son of India passed away on December 6, 1956, creating a void that will be difficult to fill. He was conferred the Bharat Ratna in 1990.

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