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Shri Rameshbhai Oza is also known popularly as ‘Bhaishri’ or ‘Bhaiji’. Bhaishri is adored Kathakar, spiritual leader who has always tried to make people believe and have faith in the existence of the Almighty. Bhaishri all his life has worked towards making the world know the good and follow the right path. Shri Rameshbhai wants people to take the path of love, goodness and spirituality. Bhaishri’s endeavour is directed towards cultivating the seeds of higher virtues amongst mankind which will transform individuals into enlightened souls.

Shri Rameshbhai Oza was born on the 31st day of August, 1957 A.D. in a village named Devka, district of Saurashtra, in the state of Gujarat. Late Shri Vrajlal Kanjibhai Oza and his mother Smt. Laxmi Ben Oza were overjoyed over his birth as their second son, in a family of four brothers and two sisters. Shri Rameshbhai’s father a modest Brahmin and his grandmother Smt. Bhagirathi Ben, a staunch follower of Bhagwat have influenced him greatly. His grandmother was very devoted to educating and teaching the uneducated elderly people of the village. His grandmother had a strong desire to have a recitation of the Bhagwat in her house but the financial status wasn’t very good. She vowed to eat her meals by bringing her hands from below the knees while sitting in a squat posture until her desire wasn’t fulfilled. It took full seventeen years for such an event to take place. The best narrator of Bhagwat, the honorable Shri Mohanlalji Shastri accepted the holy seat of the "Vyas Peeth" and concluded the Bhagwat Yagna to show his regard and love for Smt. Bhagirathi Ben whom he considered as his sister. Bhaishri was four months in his mother’s womb then. Five months after this Katha Bhaishri took birth. May be it was in the sanskars right from that early time which resulted in Bhaishri taking religious activities from childhood. He had remarkable qualities evidently inherent in him since birth.

At a very young age Shri Ramesh bhai Oza had deep insight of the self and spiritual philosophy. Bhaishri was born and brought up in a Brahmin family as per the Vedic traditions and learnt a lot about the Vedas, Upanishads and ancient Indian culture tradition literature. At that age when other children would play Bhaishri would read Indian scriptures and think about creating Yagna Vedis, as if to perform a Yagna, the religious sacrifice. He would ask his friends to collect dry leaves and sticks. Bhaishri was full of bright ideas and very intellectual along with it always kind and caring. As per his father’s guidance Shri Ramesh bhai use to recite the Bhagavadh Gita daily, it became a sadhana indeed for him. Shri Ramesh Bhai Oza’s uncle, Jeevaraj Bhai Oza--a highly respected kathavachak himself noticed a spark of spiritual genius in Bhaishri. It was Jeevaraj who got Shri Ramesh Bhai Oza enrolled in his first Sanskrit study program. Many elders of Devka village fondly remember his first public Katha, which he performed with friends at the age of thirteen which was a grand success. Everyone was astounded by the boy's oratorical skills and by his natural charm and magnetism.

Bhaishri received his initial education at Tatvajyoti, a Sanskrit school located in the small town of Rajola. Later for college he moved to Mumbai and stood first always. There he conducted his first professional Katha in Central Mumbai at age 18. After graduation he gave many recitals in his rich and melodious voice clear great orator skills. His wisdom was insightful had deep impact on the people & devotees who gathered there. All the signs of greatness were there. His vision was wide and the young boy grew up to show the entire world the way to lead life raising devotional feelings through the Bhagwat, showing the way of life through the Ramayana and spreading the spiritual teachings of the Geeta. Bhaishri has been conferred various titles, including "Bhagwat Acharya,” "Bhagwat Ratna “and "Bhagwat Bhushan."

Shri Rameshbhai Oza doesn’t want to be known as a Godman or clergyman. He never desired to be addressed as a Guru or Maharaj but wants to come close to each one considering them as his family and so fondly known as Bhaishri (older brother). Like an elder brother who gives advice and guidance, which is precisely what he intends to portray. His goal is to educate humans into enriching this world through their own lives. He wishes to show the path to see within, take an insight into the human nature, so as to evolve goodness and reject evilness.

Bhaishri explains that ignorance cannot be eliminated by pushing it away, it can vanish with education. His efforts therefore have been directed towards removing illiteracy by educating a significant number of students at the Sandipani Vidyaniketan and thus cultivating the seeds of righteous path and good values sanskars in young minds.Bhaishri, founded the prestigious Sandipani Vidyaniketan School in Porbandar, Gujarat in 1980. At the Sandipani Vidyaniketan Bhaishri is creating an atmosphere for students to inculcate lineage, virtues and attributes directly from the Vedas and the Upanishads. They will be such persons who know only to give and will never ask he says. Bhaishri explains, “You cannot change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails.” Its campus complex was constructed with housing for 500 resident students and provisions for extensive education in Sanskrit and priest craft, as well as a full secular curriculum. Graduates of the Rishikul eight-year course of study are addressed as "shastris, " while those who have completed ten years are referred to as "acharyas."

Shri Ramesh Bhai Oza’s spiritual recitals promote peace, harmony and progress for maintaining and promoting the future of Hinduism. Thousands of people come to hear his recitals Katha and learn the divine Ultimate truth of life and the way to get real happiness within our self. Bhaishri feels the principles of Vedanta are to be incorporated into everyday life. This way one can bring forth a revolution by creating spiritually evolved individuals who will create communities that are socially more responsible. Through the medium of spiritual intelligence, Bhaishri aims to generate a wave of positive energy that will banish terror and hate from the world this is the way one can prevail peace, harmony and progress in any society.

Bhaishri is thus the supreme propagator of faith. Faith in oneself, faith in almighty and the spiritual power. Rameshbhai Oza is internationally renowned for his discourse on Shrimad Bhagavatham, Bhagavadh Gita, and other Hindu scriptures. Shri Rameshbhai Oza and his recital kathas have healed and guided many to Spiritual wakening and self realization. He has reached deep into the hearts of millions in India and abroad and he is determined to make the Indian culture flow like an eternal river, only to bring peace, happiness and sense of responsibility into the lives of humans through knowledge, awakening and spirituality.

Pujya Shri Ramesh Bhai Oza has thus become one of India's finest kathakars, head of an exemplary priest training institute (as the founder of Sandipani Vidyaniketan, one of India's finest priest-training institutes.) and spiritual mentor to thousands. Bhaishri has certainly distinguished himself as an important religious leader.


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