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"Rajneesh" Chandra Mohan Jain (December 11, 1931 – January 19, 1990), also known as Acharya Rajneesh from the 1960s onwards, the name Osho in 1989, was an Indian mystic, guru and philosopher. A professor of philosophy, he travelled throughout India in the 1960s as a public speaker. Oshodhara indicates the living stream of Osho. It indicates presence of living masters in the tradition.

Osho, the greatest mystic and visionary of our times, left His body in January 1990. The movement that He initiated and piloted during His lifetime lost its track immediately thereafter. This situation by and large continues even today.

With emergence of Osho Sadguru Trivir, a group of Osho's three enlightened disciples (the trinity of Osho Siddhartha, Osho Shailendra and Ma Osho Priya). It became possible to keep the tradition alive. Based on Osho's spiritual vision and their own experiences, twelve levels of Samadhi Programs, each of 7 days duration, came into existence, through which they started guiding the seekers towards Samadhi and Enlightenment.

These programs drew thousands of seekers and Osho lovers from all over the world. Slowly their work took the shape of a great movement. A quarterly journal, 'Osho Dhara', became the torchbearer of this live stream. We were surprised to see that a great mystery school spontaneously emerged to which our people have given a beautiful name: 'Oshodhara', which is now a registered trust.

Osho vision is no more a dead dogma. It is being constantly rejuvenated through fresh inputs. A great need, therefore, was felt to make 'Osho Dhara' a monthly journal to take this dynamic vision of Osho to common man, to common Osho lovers and all the seekers who are interested in discovering their inner bliss. 'Osho Dhara' monthly journal published in Hindi and English, is designed to cater this need of Osho lovers, Osho Sannyasin, and advance seekers at the same time.

The trinity of Osho Siddhartha, Osho Shailendra and Ma Osho Priya emerged existentially. Nothing was thought, nothing was planned.

Osho Siddhartha, a disciple of Osho since May, 1980 was blessed with enlightenment on 5th March, 1997. In April 1998, first Samadhi program was held in Amarkantak, MP, India under his guidance. Shailendra Shekhar (now known as Osho Shailendra), along with her wife Maa Amrit Priya (now known as Ma Osho Priya) joined this program. They were imparted the secrets of Divine Sound and Samadhi. Before that they do meditations, without appreciating that meditation is only the beginning. The real thing is Samadhi without which enlightenment, the goal of all the seeking, is not possible.

Osho Shailendra worked as Medical Officer in Orient Paper Mills at Amlai. In 1999, he received an invitation from an Osho Commune (now known as Oshodhara Gangotri Dham), Nepal to shift there. He and Maa Osho Priya requested Osho Siddhartha Ji, who worked as General Manager in Coal India Limited, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, to go with them. He agreed to visit with them from time to time.

One day Osho Siddhartha Ji told to them that He will visit with them only till one of them attains Enlightenment. But both of them disagreed with Him and asserted that they would prefer not to enter the point of flowering if this was the principle to be adopted. Osho Shailendra also told Him that if bandits and militants can work together, why not enlightened ones? Finally when they got assurance from Him that they will work together, both of them started working intentionly in the direction of enlightenment.

They formed a team and started conducting samadhi programs.They also continued their sadhana under the guidance of Osho Siddhartha Ji.

On 25th January, 2000, Ma Osho Priya was enlightened. This filled Osho Shailendra ji with great self-confidence. He intensified His sadhana and was blessed with enlightenment, after one year, on 5th January, 2001.

In April, 2002 Osho Siddhartha Ji also resigned from his job and joined them to devote full time for spiritual guidance. This is how their team was formed, which later came to be known as Osho Sadguru Trivir.

Many people think that way. They are also justified in their thinking, because this rarely happened in the human history. Had Osho Shailendra have not experienced it himself, probably He also might have thought like that. But after His own experience He shared that enlightenment is not that difficult. The number of enlightened people is much more than the people who have climbed at the top of Mount Everest so far. In fact enlightenment is not an achievement. It is only a discovery of their inner self. It is only a process of knowing their true self. It is only a journey from outer to inner space, from thinking to pure awareness, from part to whole, from time to timelessness.

More than 100 disciples of Gautam Buddha and 152 disciples of Sant Dadu Dayal were blessed with enlightenment during their life times.

It does not require great scholarship to travel on the path of enlightenment. Among the twelve disciples of Swami Ramanananda were Kabir, the weaver; Raidas, the cobbler; Pipa, the Rajput king; Dhanna, the Jat; Sena, the barber; Narhariyananda, Sursurananda, Sukhananda, Bhavananda and Anantananda, the ordinary Brahmins; and Padmavati and surasari, two illiterate lady disciples, and all of them became enlightened.

Masters of today can be and should be more effective, more scientific in guiding the seekers, because they have background of all the paths discovered by the past masters. Swami Deoteerth Bharti, Swami Anand Viamalkirti, Swami Anand Maitreya, Ma Anand Seeta, Ma Amrit Saraswati and Swami Govind Siddharth were declared Enlightened by Osho himself. Maa Vipassana and Swami Chinmaya, two other disciples were announced very close to the final goal by Osho.

Osho Shailendra ji quotes: "Enlightenment is Knowing one self…..why should it be difficult at all?"

They teach samadhi, and enlightenment.They teach even how to go Beyond Enlightenment. But nothing is promised. Nobody can take the guarantee. It is the responsibility of seekers. Buddha says: I can only show you the way, but you have to walk on the path yourself and reach to the goal.

Osho is a great spiritual Magnet, probably the greatest ever; and fortunately Osho Shailendra was born as His brother…..Iron so close to a magnet. Not only all of His brothers and sisters, but his cousins, uncle, aunt, and even His mother and father became disciples of Osho…..This unique phenomenon has never happened in human history.

It depends upon disciples as to what height they give to their master. For example the height that disciples of Buddha, Lao-tzu or Nanak could give to their Masters, the disciples of Jesus could not, although there is hardly any difference in experiences of all these masters.

Realization and contribution of Osho is not less than any of the above masters, but it will depend upon His disciples what height they give to their master.

One hundred and one percent correct! Getting struck in meditation is like stopping after tilling the farm. Samadhi is like sowing the seed and enlightenment is like harvesting. When Osho says that meditation should lead to enlightenment, He simply means that stopping before that is leaving the things incomplete. Unfortunately this incomplete spiritual farming is happening in most of the traditions including that of so called Osho-lovers.


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