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Daati Ji Maharaj

'Daati' Madan Maharaj Rajasthan was born in the village of Alawas in Sojat Tehsil District Pali (Rajasthan). It was from the age of seven that he had the quest to know the divine and gain knowledge about the almighty. During his early part of life he lived in deep woods & silent caves of Himalayas. He never looked down upon the hustle & bustle of Metropolitan cities. He appreciates a royal palace and cremation ground equally and tells that this world is completed due to the existence of both. Such deep and pure are his thoughts & philosophy. Daati Maharaj ji has experienced the sweet & sour moments of every phase of life. He has felt the pain of all the people whether poor or rich. He has a clear picture of all sorts of situations faced by a household or a disgust moderate. That is the reason for him to understand and guide someone in distress is easier and the solution he gives is accurate and one can find simplicity along with it close understanding of ones daily life problems as one hears him.

Sant Shiromani Shanicharnanuragi 'Daati' Madan Maharaj Rajasthani was born in the village of Alawas in Sojat Tehsil in Rajasthan. Popularly known as Daati Maharaj, he is revered in India as one of the leading astrologists. He is said to have extensive knowledge in Jyotish (astrology), Yog (Yoga) & tantra-mantra. He specializes in astrology, astro palmistry, kundalini jagaran swawagahan and aashtaang yoga and is a known writer and lecturer in his field of work.

Daati Maharaaj is believed to have guided thousands of people through his astrological findings, predictions and revelations to happiness and welfare. His followers and disciples are said to have named him Daati. The popular astrologer states his belief that all men irrespective of caste, creed or country are one and that through his knowledge he hopes to spread peace and prosperity throughout mankind.   

"I have pleased Lord Shani through his pungent accomplishment and pungent devotion for the prosperity of all mankind. Through worship performed at the Shani idols I have placed in Pali in Rajasthan and Asola Fatehpur in Delhi, I believe that the hardest of troubles and problems caused due to the adversity of Shani are extinguished within no time," he says.


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