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The founder & head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Ji Maharaj. His Holiness has a glorifying, adorable and lionized past, but we don't want to influence you by it because a Saint is known by His Spiritual Knowledge and not by His past. We are not giving the introduction of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji as a person, rather informing all, of His being as a Perfect Master - a Spiritual Guide. The Perfect Master (Satguru) is a designation given, or say, a qualification procured by one, who is established in the God and has the apt capacity and capability to practically show and make other realize the True Self (Atman) by the technique of Divine Knowledge® (Brahm Gyan®). Whenever a flower blooms, the entire world knows it and acknowledges it, by its fragrance without its pompous propagation and confusing conjuration. Likewise, when a Self-Enlightened Soul descends the earth to impart and disseminate the Divine Knowledge (Brahm Gyan) – process of inner awakening, He will be known by His unfathomable knowledge alone. His Holiness is an Enlightened Soul. The testimony of all His teachings and knowledge can only be understood by practical experience of the same, by a true seeker. The limited words find it difficult to explain Him and His fathomless dimensions of Spirituality. Divine Knowledge® (Brahm Gyan®) is the only testimony for acknowledging the Knowledge of the Saint as well as the Truth. His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji thus, once declared, "Man needs inner pacification & Society needs real renovation.This is only & only possible, by the Divine Knowledge dissemination. Such a Silent Revolution is sure to be successful because it is pillared on the platform of Practical Realization of God.”

Who We are?

In 1980’s Punjab was scorched in the burning flames of terrorism and fanaticism. Certain section of society became hostile to the unity and integrity of the nation and humanity, for they wanted power and position. To fulfil their nefarious desires, they propagated the idea of a Utopia, where all people shall have complete material happiness and success. Innocent people unaware of the reality started supporting the hardliners. There was a complete commotion and chaos in the entire state. People were uprooted from their human and cultural values and took up to arms to form the much heard and dreamt Utopia. Thus violence and terrorism flourished day and night. Humans and human lives were left with no dignity and security. The clouds of Death and violence shadowed every nook and corner. At such rupturing situation, when people were fleeing away from traumatized Punjab, His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, after a comprehensive and methodical world tour, dared to enter here, with His Mission of World Peace and Universal Brotherhood. His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, unmoved by the threatening and malign motives of the militants, fearlessly disseminated peace to the people at general, through Divine Knowledge® (Brahm-Gyan®) - seeing and tuning to the True Self (Atman). This pious and challenging task demanded the formation of a well organized functioning. His Highness thus lay the founding stone of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan® (Divine Light Awakening Mission®) in 1983 at Nurmahal (Punjab, India). The stinking terrorism and formidable sectarianism were perfectly attacked, exposed and challenged with the vigour of Divine Knowledge® (Brahm-Gyan®). The greed, fear and anger dwindled from them. From the life of insecurity and communal hatred, people started leading a life in peace and harmony with communal unity. They actively participated in the various spiritual, social and cultural activities by the organization. Especially the youth, misguided by the militants, quit the path of hopelessness and destruction and started progressing in the path of constructive dynamism. They comprehended their duties and liabilities towards parents, society, nation and the globe and substantiated as a true citizen to the humanity. Today peaceful ambience of Punjab is the apparent evidence of triumph of righteousness over evil. Mission grew, is growing and shall grow for the spiritual well being of the mankind.

What is the necessity?

* How to make this earth, a Heaven?
* What is the aim of life and how to achieve it?
* How to overcome the global, social and individual problems?
* What is the need and role of Spirituality in our day-to-day life and living?
* How to realize and attune with the Perfect System of God and realize eternal peace and Bliss?
* How to anchor the mind & intellect into the True Self (Atman) for eternal security and serenity?

God created harmonious Universe. To govern it, a perfect System was established, which still exists and shall exist forever. Man is commanded to act and function within the perimeters of this system – but he doesn't.

The human mind under the impulses of false values (like anger, lust, desire, avarice, attachment and ego) tries to gain quick and easy happiness, for which he shatters the system.

In his motivated greed to achieve material progress and success, man forgets that his free will is not a license to ransack the system, but to be in the system, for the system and by the system.

Consequently, man is deviated from the innate Divinity resulting commotion in three levels:-

at Individual Level:– Tension, Stress, Strain

– Sense of Uncertainty
– Cut-throat Competition
– Corruption
– Addictions
– Individualism
– Intolerance
– Lack of correct decision
– Devaluation of moral values
– Individual disorganization …& many more

at Social Level: – Intolerance
– Social Disorganization
– Cultural Disorganization
– Lack of Altruism
– Materialism …& many more.

Our services

Irrespective of any discrimination, the devotees of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji offer their selfless service (Nishkaam Seva) to the organization. We have a vast number of volunteers, more than 2,00,000 (in Ashram and society), and more than 2000 full time preachers (swamis and vidhushis), who work free of cost for the benefit of mankind. We perform the following selfless activities:- Aid to terrorist affected areas , Spiritual and motivational lectures , Prison Reformation , Health Awareness , De-addiction Camp, Blood Donation Camp, Eye Camp, ENT Camp, Dental Camp, Homeopathic Camp, Yoga Camp, Acupressure Camp, Physiotherapy Camp, Rural Health Campaign, Aid to Terrorist Hit and Effected People, Prison Reformation,Youth Reawakening, Women Empowerment, Senior Citizen Home, Tree Plantation, Community Meal & many more ........................ Selfless Service for the noble cause is ever divine. We value your input and would like to have your feedback. Any suggestions, constructive criticism and ideas are welcome.


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